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About Us

About Us?

TRAVEL 1 TOURS is a Peru Travel Agency with the sole mission of making your trip the most unforgettable experience that you have ever had in your life. Our one objective is to travel together with you to the principle tourist destinations of ancient Peru. To accomplish this, we have put together a team of trained professionals who will offer you the absolute best in tourist service, accompanied by a warm and friendly attitude.

Quality in Tours99%
Quality in Services100%
Customer Support97%
Professional Guides100%


We strive to be a proactive travel agency, and a leader in the market. We provide our clients tourist services of the highest quality. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and offer first class service. At the same time we offer true, up-to-date information to travelers from all over the world.


Travel 1 Tours is a travel agency that offers personal service to our clients. We seek to have a receptive attitude, to share our cultural identity, to be socially responsible, and to take care of the environment.


  • Responsibility
  • Punctuality
  • Solidarity

About Our Services

Travel agency Travel 1 Tours, creates, offers, sells, and operates tourist packages to the all of the top destinations in Peru and South America. We offer different tourist services to suit the needs of every type of traveler. We offer personalized tours, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, cruise ship reservations, train reservations, transportation to and from all tourist destinations, restaurant reservations, and entry tickets for all of Peru’s top destinations.