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Privacy Policy

We are a company that offers tourist services and tourist products, as well as means of transportation. At the same time we function as intermediaries between our clients and third parties, such as airlines, railway companies, hotel operators, travel insurers, and any other kind of public or private firm which operates in the tourist sector.

If you, our valued customer, purchase a product or a service from TRAVEL 1 TOURS, please carefully read the terms and conditions of the service which you are buying. If you have any questions, or if you are not in agreement with any section of the purchase agreement, we ask that you please send an email to: Then we can provide you with further information and arrange whatever detail that you might have questions about. In this way we can understand you thoroughly, and offer you better service. This way your trip will be both safer and more comfortable.

  1. Our Tourist Platform. Travel 1 Tours is committed to truthfully informing our clients about every detail of their itinerary. This enables us to control and monitor each aspect of our clients’ experience, and to form strategic alliances with external operators, and to offer the highest quality of travel experience. TRAVEL 1 TOURS is limited to acting on its own in the acquisition of external services which are not included in our travel programs. We act as intermediaries in ordering and acquiring external services. We guarantee that we will acquire these services according to the wishes of our clients.
  2. Security. Travel 1 Tours will take care to ensure that everything is satisfactory and safe at each of our clients’ destinations. We are committed to continuously monitoring the performance of our collaborators and of the external operators that are not directly under the control of our company. While we will be taking care that these external operators are in compliance with their commitments, our company is not responsible for any damage or injury to the client within or outside of any public or private establishment such as a tourist attraction. In the same way, our company is not responsible for unforeseen occurrences such as weather conditions, acts of government, or any other factor which would cause additional expenses, delays, flight cancelations, change of railway schedules, or arrival and departure of means of transportation, etc. In such cases, our company is not responsible for extra costs or delays. But our company will certainly do its absolute best to assure the security and the integrity of the services which we provide for each of our clients.
  3. Reservations: Please visit, or call us at (51) 084-237-582 or contact to us by email at
  4. Passports and Visas: Passengers are responsible for ensuring that they have the proper travel documents and MUST CHECK with the respective consulate(s) or visa agency to determine whether any visas or passports are required. Passports are required to be valid for at least 6 months beyond the dates of travel. Some countries require a full blank page in the passport for stamping purposes. Any information provided pertains to US citizens only. Non-US citizens should check with the respective consulate of the country(s) to be visited for current entry requirements.
  5. Children: All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age for children on Travel 1 cultural tours is 4 years old. Minimum age on Hiking Tours is 12 years old. Minimum age for Ecotourism is 10 years old, and minimum age for our Luxury Travel programs is 5 years old. There is no minimum age for our private tour packages. Discounts for children sharing a room may apply to children under 11. Most hotels do not permit children under 18 to occupy a room without an adult. Accompanying adults are responsible for the safety of their children. This includes any necessary safety equipment (such as infant/child seats) where appropriate.
  6. PRICES: Prices are per person based upon shared twin room occupancy. Prices do not include items of a personal nature such as laundry, wines, water, beverages, food, passport and visa fees, or insurance unless specifically indicated in the package. Prices are correct at the time of publication; however, as airfares continually fluctuate and classes of service may have limited capacity, tour package prices and availability will change accordingly. In case of human or computer error, Travel 1 reserves the right to re-invoice for the correct price or service.
    All of our prices are expressed in American dollars (USD). Our prices include transportation services, tours, specialized guides, meals, entry tickets into the sites on your itinerary, and tickets for the transportation necessary, except in cases where the specific program states otherwise. Special offers and promotions are subject to seasonal terms and conditions. The prices do not include the taxes which will be due for Peruvian national tourists according to Law N° 919. Also, the prices do not include airplane tickets, airport taxes, or excess baggage charges (unless these are specifically stipulated in your program.
  7. Travel 1 Tours has a very modern reservation system which uses the newest technologies. Our goal is to protect the personal data of our clients. People who make reservations with us will be given a unique confirmation code number that is generated according to the type of services purchased. These reservations will be considered confirmed with a partial payment of 50% of the total or with a full payment of 100% of the total cost of the package. If the client chooses to pay 50% of the total cost, the other 50% will be due upon arrival in Lima.
  8. In special cases where we are confirming exclusive tourist packages that involve luxury hotels, a partial payment of 75% of the total cost of the package would be needed to confirm that reservation. If the client chooses to pay 75% of the total cost, the other 25% will be due upon 30 days prior to arrival.
  9. TRAVEL 1 TOURS reserves the right to refuse any reservation made outside of our reservations system, (with the exception of TourRadar and TripAdvisor-VIATOR,) including changes in the travel program, changes in the reservation, changes in the itinerary, and cancelation of program. Requests of this this type will be accepted only within our reservations system, and within the time frame stipulated in each one of our travel programs. (Special offers and promotional prices are subject to the terms specified in each contract.)
  10. Itinerary. We carefully plan each item in the travel itinerary of every client; but due to operational reasons in the tourist infrastructure, sometimes slight alterations are necessary in order to keep things running smoothly. When weather conditions, natural catastrophes, or government actions require modification of the itinerary, it is the obligation of the company to inform our clients of the matter regarding any delay or change of destination as soon as possible.
  11. Methods of payment. Travel 1 Tours has various convenient methods by which services can be paid for. (Once your reservation is confirmed, the company guarantees your entire itinerary without any significant modification, and the client agrees to accept the travel program as specified in the itinerary which he has received). Methods of payment: you can go to and pay with the following credit cards: VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS. (All the commission charges are included). Another method of payment is PayPal, (all the commission charges are not included). Bank deposit and bank transfer to our account at Banco de Crédito del Perú. Your payment could also be wired to us via Western Union. When the client chooses to pay the remainig 50% by credit card upon arrival in Lima, there will be a 5% comission charged for running the credit card internationaly.
  12. Refund Policy. As regarding cancelations and modifications of dates. These are the sole responsibility of the client. The company cannot guarantee a 100% refund of the amount paid when you made your reservation.
  13. Cancellation: Once a partial or full payment has been made, cancellations will only be accepted in writing. Email your cancellation to You must included your reservation code number, full name, and date of travel. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, call us (+51) 984 009 025 to ensure your information was received. Cancellation terms will be applied based on the date that the written cancellation is received and based on the following dates prior to departure. Cancellation fees apply to packages and/or services as indicated below. Package cancellation fees include airfare and train tickets. Once airfare and train tickets have been purchased, they are always subject to 100% penalty. Only the remaining land package will be subject to the fees below.
  14. When a cancellation is made, a 12.5% fee will be charged off the top. We will also have to charge you any credit card fees or comissions that were incurred at the time that you made your reservation.
  15. These are amounts that will be charged: Up to 91 days prior to departure: 10%; 90 to 61 days prior to departure: 30%; 60 to 45 days prior to departure: 50%; 44 to 30 days prior to departure: 90%;
  16. 29 day or less prior to departure: 100%
  17. No refund will be available if the client does not arrive on schedule, or if the client decides to cancel out after the tour begins or while the client is in the middle of said tour. In the same way, in the programs which include services such as plane tickets, train tickets, or bus tickets, these cannot be refunded because these tickets have already been purchased from third parties and these parties will not refund the value of the ticket. If for some reason, weather conditions or other drastic changes in the tourist infrastructure that are out of the control of the company cause cancelation, alteration, or delays, the company reserves the right to make some kind of refund. Regarding hotel cancellations which the client has made on his own or through some travel agent, these are subject to the policies of said establishment.
  18. Programs with the hotels included. Those of our programs which include lodging are for a specified category of hotel cannot be modified. The programs are subject to the indicated category of hotel specified in the program. The client can make a special request to upgrade the category of hotel; but then the difference in cost would have to be assumed by the client. These hotels include breakfast and/or meals depending on the category of the hotel indicated. The client ought to respect the policy of the establishment, and the established time frame where-in meals are served. Any other extra meals consumed by the client will have to be paid directly 100% by the client.
  19. Tourist tickets and means of transportation. The prices of the airline tickets and the train tickets are subject to availability and are set by the operating company. These tickets should be emitted for the date of the indicated trip. The entry tickets for the tourist sites also should be acquired for the dates of the trip and in accord with the itinerary of the trip.
  20. Our recommendations. We recommend that all of our clients carry their passport or their visa with them at all times. This documentation should be verified by the respective entities of the clients country, and be valid and acceptable for the destinations where the client intends to travel. In order to make your journey safer and more pleasant, please let us know in advance of your preferences, and if you have any allergies, or if you need to avoid certain types of products or environments. Please let us know if you are allergic to any foods, and what your personal food preferences are. We should also like to know if precautions need to be taken regarding your state of health or your physical condition. All of our clients who use local or international tourist transportation should take precautions and protect their personal belongings. That way the client will not be inconvenienced by loss of their luggage or equipment. The client should take care of all baggage claims tickets and vouchers so respective claims can be made concerning any loss or damage to baggage. We recommend that our clients purchase travel insurance.
  21. Our Obligations. Travel 1 Tours is obligated to 100% fulfillment of the service agreements made with the client. In unforeseen cases, if the agreed upon contracted services are not delivered and it is the fault of the company, then the client should demand their money back or an upgrade to a better class of service. If this is the case, then the company should make all efforts to repair any and all damage that might have been done. In extreme circumstances, when the two parties cannot reach an agreement, then the client can complain to INDECOPI in accord with Peruvian law. Then the company would have to explain why the contracted services were not provided and what caused the interruption of the stated itinerary.

Important: Some providers of tourist service have much more rigorous policies. We recommend that you take note of the conditions and the policies of any other companies or travel agents who are committed to providing a specific service to you on your journey.

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