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Rainbow Mountain Tour from Cusco (Small Group Tours)

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Full Day
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Our Rainbow Mountain Peru Tour Details

Our Rainbow Mountain Tour is a hike to one of the most amazing sights that you will ever see. This Rainbow Mountain Day Tour is a full day trip from Cusco and is by far the best value of all the packages that are offered. Vinicunca tour is an unforgettable adventure with fantastic views that will take you through colorful ancient villages where the local Quechua-speaking inhabitants have lived for millennia. Rainbow Mountain travel is the perfect option for people who want to experience the absolutely best excursion while travelling through the Peruvian Andes.

Going on our Rainbow Mountain hike is definitely the best way to reach this popular attraction. This wonderful array of colors is the product of natural mineral deposits, and, as you climb the path to highest altitude, you’ll see the most colorful mountain in Peru. Vinicunca Mountain might take your breath away, but it is one of those memorable places that will leave unforgettable pictures on the retina of your mind. This top destination in South America will be one of those excellent places that every adventurer is willing to explore and then check off their bucket list.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be greeted by sweeping, panoramic 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape and of the Ausangate Massif. Of course, on our rainbow mountain day tours from Cusco, the mountain is your ultimate challenge and reward. But the glaciers that you will see along the route are just as impressive in a different way. On this peru trek you’ll be able to see thousands of South American llamas and alpacas in their natural habitat. Without a doubt, Rainbow Mountain is now considered to be one of the finest destinations in all the world, come and join us on a trek that you’ll never forget.


  • Type of Tourism: Trekking, hiking and nature.
  • Duration: Day tour from Cusco. (13 hours approximately).
  • Service: Small group tour. (If you prefer you can travel in a exclusive private service).
  • Period: April through october is the best season, during november and december we operate with some restrictions according to the weather conditions.

For both your security and ours, all of our rainbow mountain tours are small group tours. During january and march we do not operate the Rainbow Mountain Day Tour because it is the rainy season. The high country is almost always cloudy and rainy at that time of year.

Vinicunca Mountain is located in the Peruvian Andes close to Cusco at an altitude of 5200 meters above sea level. The biggest highlight of your trip to Peru is sure to be hiking up to see the incredible Rainbow Mountain. From the look-out point the view is awe-inspiring. Instead of looking at pictures on the Internet, make up your mind now to take the day trip from Cusco to Rainbow Mountain and see with your own eyes this wonder that the Incas worshipped. It will be the best decision that you will ever make!

Local mountain guides in the Cusco region say that Rainbow Mountain might have been discovered only recently because of climate change. When we asked the elders that live in the villages of Pitumarca and Chilhuani near the mountain, they said that the mountain used to be under snow, but recently global warming has caused the ice to melt and a colorful mountain has appeared from under it.

Included on our Vinicunca tour

  • Pick-up at your hotel in the City of Cusco before your Rainbow Mountain tour.
  • Transportation in a heated Mercedes Sprinter tourist van to and from the starting point of the Vinicunca tour.
  • Blankets for each passenger of the van, so you will feel warm while riding in the early dawn hours.
  • One buffet breakfast in one of the best restaurants in the village of Puacarpta prepared by local chefs.
  • Entrance fee for entering Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca Mountain).
  • First aid kit, if you taking any medications, please bring your prescription with you.
  • Rainbow Mountain tour will be in both languages, English and Spanish. That means that your guide will explain everything to you in English, and then he will explain the same thing to other people in Spanish. This is because, at present, there is not a great demand for an “English only groups” on the rainbow mountain day trip.
  • Your guide is a professional who is especially trained in mountain trekking.
  • One buffet lunch in one of the best restaurants in the village of Puacarpta prepared by local chefs.
  • Wooden walking sticks optional.
  • Oxygen bottle that can be used for extra oxygen during the hike.

We are the safest operator of Rainbow Mountain tour, for this reason, we can guarantee you the absolutely finest experience as you trek through the high Andes.

Not Included

  • Food and beverages that are not indicated in our Rainbow Mountain excursions from Cusco.
  • Additional expenses due to weather problems along the route.
  • Any additional expenses that the client incurs during the round-trip journey.
  • Damages that the passenger might cause to the bus.
  • Rain ponchos (These you can buy in Cusco or along the route).
  • A horse if the customer chooses to ride instead of walk. If you would like to travel by a horseback, your guide will help you to rent a horse. The payment for the horse will go directly to the horse’s owner, in this way you will be helping out the local people.
  • Any additional expenses that the traveler incurs during the hike.
  • Tips for our team members (TIPS).

We leave everyday from Cusco between 4:00 am and 4:20 am. By leaving at this early hour you will be among the first travelers to arrive at the starting point of the path. So, you won’t be climbing the trail accompanied by lots of people, and when you arrive at your destination the light for your photo opportunities will be perfect.

Another advantage of leaving early in the morning on your visit to Rainbow Mountain is that you will return to Cusco around 4:30 pm. By returning at that time you will have more time to explore outdoor places around Cusco or you can rest up in your hotel.

It is not recommended that you take this day trek if you are over 55 years of age. Due to the high altitude and steep climbing, it can be dangerous for your health.

Travel recommendations for Rainbow Mountain

For this Rainbow Mountain full day tour, we recommend that you take with you:

  • Your Passport, your ID, and for Peruvian travelers, your DNI.
  • Extra cash for personal expenses.
  • Warm clothes, preferably water-proof, and a wind-breaker or poncho. Hat, gloves, and comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Sun block, sunglasses and kangaroo belt pouch.
  • Weather can change in seconds when you’re high up. So, be sure to pack warm clothes and thick socks. Bring a spare pair of socks just in case.
  • Personal medication, if you are taking medications, please bring your prescriptions with you.
  • Camera for taking pictures, if you want, you can take extra batteries.
  • Rain poncho, if you want you can buy one along the route.
  • You can try and beat the altitude by chewing on coca leaves. Coca leaves help the body to adjust to high altitude.

Very Important:

  • In order to take part in these activities, you should start out in good health and in a good physical condition. The reason for this is that you will be ascending to an elevation of over 5000 masl, the trail itself is rated as medium difficulty.
  • If you have health problems with your heart, with asthma, or with hypertension, we recommend that you do not take this trip. Remember your health and safety are of paramount importance.
  • For your security and comfort, it is best to acclimatize yourself to the altitude of Cusco and the surrounding mountains. For this reason, we recommend that this memorable Rainbow Mountain one day tour be your last activity before leaving Cusco and moving on to your next destination.

We recommend that you let us know in advance of any special needs that you might have. We will be happy to accommodate you if we can.

Prices for Rainbow Mountain day tour

Optional Extras

$37.00 USD. Price in USD per person.

Small group service. Maximum 16 people per group (Private service is available).

Rainbow Mountain is the home of the native Quechua People who have been living in the shadow of the Apu Ausangate for thousands of years. This fantastic destination is second only to Machu Picchu for visitors who want to enjoy memorable trips to southern Peru. So, now, you can stop your search for a super-amazing day trek out of Cusco. Come join us on the trip of a lifetime to this colorful sacred mountain.

If you would like to ride horse pack on the trail open back. Horses area available for rent from local people. The cost varies.

  • One – way (the ride up) costs: $19.00 USD.
  • Round trip costs: $28.00 USD.

Rainbow Mountain tour itinerary

Day 1:Cusco, Puacarpata, Phulawasipata, Rainbow Mountain and return to Cusco

We will pick you up at your hotel very early in the morning between 4:00 and 4:20 am, and you will start going on your Rainbow Mountain trek Peru. In the early hours of the morning the temperature in Cusco is quite low. But don’t worry because the van is heated and we can supply each passenger with extra blankets.

When you arrive at Paucarpata village you will eat a good buffet breakfast. Then you will continue traveling through picturesque Andean villages as you approach the starting point of the trail for the Rainbow Mountain.

Before you start walking, your guide will give you some very important information and tips about the hike. Then you’ll start hiking up Rainbow Mountain which reaches an elevation of 5200 masl. The up-hill distance that you will walk is about 3 km, and it is more difficult to walk up-hill on the way in than down-hill on the return journey. Along the trail you will see some amazing high-country landscapes, the Red Valley, and herds of thousands of alpacas and llamas that are being tended by the local mountain folk.

Upon reaching the scenic overlook you will notice that, since you are among the first visitors of the day, you will have the perfect opportunity to take memorable photos before any other tourists arrive. What an incredible sight! Only God could have dreamed up these colors. It’s truly like a fantastic rainbow! When you arrive here, you too will understand why everyday a lot of people accept the challenge of making this pilgrimage.

Depending on the weather, you can stay about 30 or 40 minutes at the lookout. Next, you will return along the same trail. Finally, you will eat a wonderful buffet lunch and arrive in Cusco around 4:30 pm.

Map and highlight of our Vinicunca day trek

Photos of ours rainbow mountain hike

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Rainbow Mountain Day Trip

  1. Where can I be picked up before my Day Trek? Don’t worry! We will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco. The location does not matter. (We cannot always pick up at private residences or Airbnb’s. If you’re staying in a private residence or Airbnb, we will do our best to pick you up at that spot or nearby. We will let you know 1 day in advance exactly where.
  2. Do you think I should bring trekking shoes? Not necessarily. But is highly recommended that you wear strong, comfortable footwear suitable for all weather conditions while hiking through these steep, colorful mountains.
  3. Is altitude sickness common on these treks? Some people do experience altitude sickness. To lower the chances of the altitude affecting you on this day trek, you need to spend some time acclimatizing, to drink plenty of liquids. Finally, you can chew coca leaves like the native people of South America.
  4. Do I need to be very physically fit? You should be more or less physically fit. The trail is excellent and not very steep, but at 5000 masl the gradual climb can be difficult. For people who are not in top shape and who would prefer to ride, horses are available for rent.
  5. What is served for breakfast and lunch? Buffet breakfast and buffet lunch at the restaurants where we will take you will be wonderful.
  6. Why book with us? Travel 1 is the new excellent operator to this destination and we are committed to sustainable tourism on all our excursions. So, we guarantee you the finest service, the best tour guide and the safest transportation while traveling to these sacred places on Ausangate Mountain. Book this wonderful hiking now!
4 Reviews
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Charlie Hamilton

Group Traveller

Our trip to Rainbow Mountain was a wonderful adventure. We have a great time and we met some very friendly travelers from Canada who became our fast friends.
The ride to the site passes through beautiful country. We had a fine view on the return trip of the Vilcanota River which the Incas called their sacred river, as they considered it to be an earthly reflection of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Once we began to hike, it felt great to be out on the wilderness. The hike is challenging, especially going to Rainbow Mountain as it is mostly uphill. The trail is in good shape. Once we arrived at the place where we could see all up down the mountain range and across the valley to Rainbow Mountain, it felt great to take a break. The view that we had of this spectacular landmark was unforgettable.

June 3, 2019

Jim Helgren

Family Traveller

It is sort of a toss up when I try to explain to people what was the highlight of our incredible month of traveling through the Peruvian Andes. Machu Picchu was certainly fabulous. But tie for first prize goes to Vinicunca Mountain which is known to the world as Rainbow Mountain. As you gaze off into the distance from up on the summit, it is like you can see an infinte amount of glaciers and high peaks.

November 22, 2018

Joe Sia

Group Traveller

I have to admit that the climb was very challenging, but well worth the effort. Fantastic views, great company, and good food, too. Thanks, Travel 1.

October 19, 2017

Joe Sia

Group Traveller

I have to admit that the climb was very challenging, but well worth the effort. Fantastic views, great company, and good food, too. Thanks, Travel 1.

October 19, 2017