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Places to visit in Colombia

Great Places to Visit in Colombia; fall in love with the charm and the beauty of Colombia, and explore its very best tourist destinations on your next trip to Latin America. As a matter of fact, Colombia is one of the most important tourist destinations in South America. Undeniably, this friendly country has paradisiacal beaches, virgin jungle, tropical forests, incredible mangrove-covered shorelines, mighty rivers, imposing mountains, splendid natural parks, and a thriving culture. You’ll discover the beauty of the land by visiting some of the best tourist attractions which are unique to this fascinating country.

places to visit in colombia
Places to Visit in Colombia

The varied cuisine and the living culture make Colombia a dream destination which every adventurer should visit at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, architectural treasures and the natural diversity comprise only a few of the many surprises which the “land of coffee, cumbia and vallenato” hold in store for the visitor. In fact, adrenalin-filled adventure sports also entice intrepid travelers. Come and check out this earthly paradise which is so much more than the snippets which can be seen or read about on the social networks, TV, or the internet.

Colombia is a South American country of incomparable beauty where indigenous culture blends harmoniously with African and European cultures. The ancient capital of the Tayrona people near the Caribbean coast is one of Colombia’s best-preserved treasures. This complex is called Colombia’s Lost City, and is sometimes compared to Peru’s “Lost City,” Machu Picchu. Furthermore, due to its excellent location on the Equator, Colombia is blessed with an incredible range of biodiversity that few countries in the world can match. From sunny Caribbean sands, to towering snow-covered peaks, and throughout the vast greenery of the Amazonian Basin, Colombia has all the charm that South America offers.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá is Colombia’s capital and it is a very cosmopolitan city. Travelers never cease being amazed by Bogotá’s lush landscape, its colorful urban neighborhoods, and its fascinating culture. In fact, it is centrally located in the heartland of Colombia at over 2,600 meters above sea level. This beautiful and charming Latin American capital has a complex history that continues to evolve and to flourish alongside the warmth of its people. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you amble through the colonial streets of yesteryear or breeze past the modern high-rise skyscrapers, it is impossible not to start swaying to the beat of salsa and vallenato. In truth, the city of Bogotá will renew your enthusiasm for living and for traveling. Undeniably, Bogotá is like the beating heart of the Americas, and it stands out as a fascinating, vibrant capital city nestled high in the Andes Mountains.

places in colombia
Places to Visit in Colombia

The historic center of the city is the epicenter where travelers from all over the world meet up.
Of course, the large number of colonial buildings, museums, hotels, bars, churches, convents, and outstanding restaurants offer to the visitor some of the most interesting Places to visit in Colombia. After all, some 80% of Bogota’s traditional tourist attractions are located in the historic center of the city. Visit the impressive Plaza de Bolivar and check out the view from the Cerro de Monserrate. Bogota is a wonderful starting point for your tour of colorful Colombia. So, explore the most fascinating places to visit in Colombia, South America

Cartagena de Indias

Discover the wonderful city of Cartagena de Indias! It is a jewel that functions as the Gateway into the South American continent from the Caribbean. Additionally, the people of Cartagena, which is called “The Heroic City”, are amazingly warm and friendly. The beaches are gorgeous, as are the girls. What’s more, Cartagena is considered to be the hottest Colombian destination for both national and international travellers. Don forget to explore the best places in Colombia.

The walled Old City is composed of colorful, narrow streets which are full of charm. There are incredible beaches within the city, and even finer ones sprinkled around the nearby archipelagos and islands. Furthermore, if you are searching for a warm-weather natural paradise, you will have no need to search beyond this seaside Eden. Undoubtedly, the nightlife is incomparable, and the weekends feature cultural festivals that can’t be beat.

places to visit in cartagena
Places to Visit in Cartagena

Another reason why you should visit this Caribbean hot spot is because of its climate. In fact, it has a very pleasant tropical climate that will allow you to enjoy its warm waters and white sand beaches throughout the year. Although the days get warm, there is always a cool, fresh breeze blowing in off the Caribbean. A great, massive wall was built around the Old City to protect it from the Pirates of the Caribbean. That wall is mostly intact today, jealously guarding the secrets of history. Cartagena de Indias is one of the most charming and one of the best-preserved cities in South America. Indeed, it could be designated an earthly paradise for the adventurous traveler. Finally, Cartagena is a vibrant city by the sea which offers the visitor a countless range of tourist activities and exciting adventures. Explore the best of the tourist attractions.

Santa Marta, Places to Visit in Colombia

Santa Marta is better known as the mother city of South America because it was one of the first cities to be founded by Europeans. Also, it is the second most visited tourist destination on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, after Cartagena. In fact, you will find excellent restaurants, bars, and hotels here. Tremendous 20,000 ft. mountain peaks rise right behind the town. Also, the weather in this area is fantastic. In the evening, a cool breeze blows in off the sea. Therefore, there is no good reason to pass up the opportunity to visit this lovely slice of paradise called Santa Marta.

places to visit in colombia
Places to Visit in Colombia

Santa Marta is a city where cultural diversity is present in its natural seascape, in the warmth of its people, and in the Sierra Madre de Santa Marta. All this makes a visitor feel at home, so much so that they often do not want to return to their own home. Santa Marta is love at first sight. One of the highlights is its intensely green vegetation, which is typical of the Caribbean. In addition, the mountains, the blue-green of its sea, and the spectacular sunsets will knock your socks off. During your next adventure trip to South America’s northern coast, don’t neglect to come see Santa Marta, one of the favorite places to visit in Colombia.

Places to Visit in Barranquilla

Barranquilla, also known as the ‘Arenosa’ or ‘Currambla la Bella’, is one of the most popular cities in Colombia. Undoubtedly, it’s a dream destination that every adventurer wants to explore. In fact, this city is famous for its great musicians, its talented writers, and its world-famous painters. Furthermore, Barranquilla is home to some of the best food in the Caribbean. In addition, it is the perfect place to celebrate the Barranquilla Carnival, which is one of the most important festivals in the country.

Barranquilla Colombia

Days in the Arenosa are always lived like life is truly a carnival because the joy, the music, and the tradition of this Caribbean city are felt in each one of its plazas and streets. Barranquilla is also famous for the charisma and the friendliness of its people. They are always full of positive energy and good vibes which they are happy to share with visitors. This beautiful place always welcomes everyone with great love. And for this reason, the quotation of the singer Joe Arroyo “In Barranquilla I stay,” reflects the true feeling of many visitors. Finally, Barranquilla is also a prosperous city and this prosperity has transformed it into a leader of economic activity in northern Colombia. Undeniably, Barranquilla is a very popular place to visit in Colombia.

The Archipelago of San Andres

San Andres… San Andres… We wonder if you have ever heard of this wonderful destination. And if you haven’t, let me tell you about it. These magnificent islands smack dab in the middle of the Caribbean Sea have over 40 incredible places to dive, and San Andres also has some of the very best beaches in all of the Caribbean. As you fly in, you will gaze down and see a hundred different shades of blue, turquoise, and green water. San Andrés is one of the most favorite destinations of travelers on the planet. No one would ever want to miss out on the charms of this wonderful destination. In addition, the people are super-friendly.

san andres colombia
Tourist Destinations in Colombia

The San Andrés Archipelago is located about 230 km. from Central America and about 750 km. from Colombia. But neither the distance nor the isolated setting serves as an impediment to travelers who want to explore this exquisite tourist destination.

In the year 2000, San Andrés was declared a world reserve of the “SeaFlower” marine biosphere. This reserve not only home to the islands and their keys, but also constitutes almost 10% of the Caribbean Sea and includes more than 300.000 square km. Travelers from all over the world come to this beautiful archipelago, where the white sand beaches bordered by giant palm trees remind the traveler of paradise. As well as all of the above, the islands have been influenced by the English, the Spanish, the pirates, and the corsairs who stopped by here over the course of the centuries. Therefore, the Island of San Andrés has some Colombia’s greatest cultural treasures.

Leticia, Colombia

The Colombian jungle is one of the most incredible places in South America, along with the jungle in Peru and Brazil. In addition, the natural wealth of the flora and fauna that it possesses is fascinating. It amazes locals and foreigners alike. In fact, you’ll witness the abundance of nature long before you land at the airport, since the vastness of the green vegetation spreads out like a carpet beneath you. It appears to have no end from horizon to horizon. The exuberant and endless jungle is interrupted only by the great Amazon River which is one of the largest and longest rivers in the world. Leticia, on the Amazon shore, awaits you. What are you waiting for? Come explore it as much as you like on your next trip to Colombia.

leticia colombia
Leticia Colombia

Probably the biggest attraction in Leticia is sailing on the Amazon River. Exclusive cruises are available on the majestic river. Of course, when sailing the Amazon you will be able delve into the best of the area’s natural reserves and you will have the opportunity to interact with the local folk. The cultural richness that is expressed by the indigenous peoples of the Colombian Amazon is beyond compare. The YURI and the NUKAK are a couple of the local tribes. Just being in Leticia is already a great privilege. But enjoying its charms such as its fairs and festivals is sure to make your experience there unforgettable. Leticia is mainly for lovers of ecological and adventure tourism, it is a wonderful Place to Visit in Colombia. Try hiking high up in the jungle canopy. And finally, do not forget to sample the exotic gastronomic delights of the jungle.

Sanctuary of Lajas, Nariño

Sanctuary of Lajas, Nariño, is a place justly famous for the high quality of its masonry and for its fantastic architecture. In addition, the Sanctuary is highly recognized by Colombian devotees for the appearance of Our Lady of Rosario de las Lajas. The Sanctuary is in the municipality of Ipiales, in the Department of Nariño, the capital of Nariño is Pasto. The Sanctuary’s main building is more than 27 meters high and it has towers that average 100 meters high; and there is a bridge that is 50 meters long and 17 meters wide.

places in colombia
Places in Colombia

Legend has it that around the year 1700, a woman and her deaf and dumb daughter were walking through the Guáitara River Canyon when suddenly a storm started. During the storm, the walkers heard a voice calling to them. There at the top of the canyon, they saw the image of the Virgin Mary. Immediately the woman’s daughter regained her speech and later she was also able to hear clearly. Since that time, this place has become a pilgrimage site for Christians seeking miracles. All the Faithful flock to the sanctuary to ask for things impossible for man, but possible for God and the saints.

Also, another characteristic of the Sanctuary is that it is close to the border with Ecuador. This fact makes it possible for thousands of travelers to reach Ecuador. So, the distance between border towns is 10 km., and the average travel time is 20 minutes. First, you can visit your favorite tourist sites in Colombia, and then go to the tourist destinations of Ecuador.

Top places to visit in Tayrona National Park

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to walk on a white sand tropical beach, where the turquoise waves tickle your toes and the breeze blows through your hair? That magical feeling of peace and tranquility can be yours when you visit Colombia’s Tayrona National Natural Park. Indeed, this shoreline is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. In fact, Tayrona National Park is one of the finest spots to explore the northern Caribbean Coast of Colombia. You can find untouched natural beauty along the beaches that stretch for miles. If you prefer, try out the aquatic adventure sports. And don’t forget, Tayrona is for lovers. If you are looking for true beauty, emotion, and freedom, one of the Best Places to Visit in Colombia is Tayrona National Park.

tayrona national park
Tayrona National Park

Furthermore, this sanctuary is actually incredibly rich in flora and fauna. This might surprise you, in order to enjoy your stay in Tayrona Park to the fullest extent, we recommend that you follow all the recommendations of the local guides. Likewise, you must respect all the signs which inform visitors about where camping is allowed, etc. If you want to follow along the paths of the ancient explorers, we advise you to take the time to visit the local indigenous communities, including the town of Tayrona. Dare to explore the best tourist places in Colombia.

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

This Zipaquirá Cathedral is an incredible monument which is carved entirely out of salt. It’s180 meters underground and it is one of the most fascinating churches that you have ever seen. In fact, if you walk through its charming corridors you can feel like the miners felt many years ago, when they used to walk through dark shafts that were illuminated only by special lamps. Likewise, you can walk through the corridors of the Stations of the Cross which are now lit up with colored lights. In addition, you can learn how salt was extracted by watching a 3D film. This magical place promises to give its visitors an incomparable, one-of-a-kind experience. The Cathedral is unique, and it is an unforgettable place to visit around Colombia.

Moreover, when you hark back to the days when the church was constructed, it could shrink your heart. Mining was then a very dangerous profession. It was the faith of each miner that served as his shield and his protection. As the minerals were extracted from the bowels of the earth, the miners advanced deeper and deeper. And as they advanced, they placed images of the saints in the tunnels to ward off the imminent danger. Seeing this profession of faith, in 1950 the Catholic Church ordered the construction of an underground chapel which was intended to house most of the saints who were in the tunnels. If you would like to renew your vows of faith in God, this might be the right place.

Barichara, Santander

Barichara, Santander, is one of the most colorful and beautiful towns in all of Colombia. Indeed, that is thanks to the gorgeous surrounding countryside and the exquisite colonial architecture. Barichara has been declared part of the national heritage of Colombia. In fact, its quaint Andalusian-style streets and its old mansions have earned it many awards. If you are one of those travelers who love beautiful country and if you long to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, we recommend that you visit Barichara. Also, this place is perfect for taking wonderful photos of the sunset and the sunrise. It is a photographer’s paradise. Go ahead and explore one of the finest tourist destinations in Colombia.

tourist attractions in colombia
Tourist Attractions in Colombia

Moreover, the winding roads that lead to Barichara are among the most demanding roads in the world, but at the same time they are some of the most rewarding roads that you’ll ever travel. The route passes through such a pretty countryside that, all in all, it makes for an unforgettable experience. In the year 1978, Barichara was designated as a national monument. This was because of its incredible architecture. Since then, it has become a tourist magnet in Colombia. The workmanship of the hands of the artisans who carved the rough stones into incredible monoliths and monuments is another one of town’s charms. As you ramble through Barichara’s narrow nooks and crannies, you’ll be sure to happen upon some superb viewpoints where you can gaze out over the picturesque Suarez River Valley.

Cali and the Cauca Valley

Valle del Cauca (Cauca Valley) is one of the most important regions in all of Colombia. It is treasured by Colombians who love good music and nightly festivities. With a warm climate and fertile soil, the valley is a lush, green, and comfortable vacation idyll. Likewise, because of the incredible sites within it, the valley has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia. The Farallones de Cali, the Bahía Málaga, and Malpelo Island are just a few of the many fascinating tourist attractions that await the intrepid traveler. Of course, the favorite destination of all travelers in Valle del Cauca is the incredible City of Cali.

Amazing places to visit in Cali, Colombia

Cali is the capital of Valle del Cauca. It’s a city of great tourist attractions and it has a whole lot of history. In addition, it has a very active and exciting night life. All this is made possible thanks to the great music that Cali has. In Cali, great tropical rhythms have been perfectly merged and intertwined. The basis of it all is the contagious and frenetic rhythm of salsa that is part of the country’s culture. Add to that the great sound of currulao from the coast, and Vallenato with its hypnotic accordion riffs and now you are cooking. Also, Cali is known as the “Capital of Rumba” in Colombia. You can find all of this being played live in Cali, every night of the week.

cali colombia
Cali Colombia

During the day, explore the city of Cali on your own by walking around. There is so much to see! Surely you do not want to miss the Cali Zoo, the Granada neighborhood and the imposing statue of Cristo Rey. Similarly, there are great museums, and colonial architecture abounds. Without a doubt, one of the experiences that you should not miss in Cali is the Cali Festival. Of course, this festival is celebrated in December to say goodbye to the old year. In Cali they bid farewell to old year with the sounds of salsa. The festival draws some of the greatest names in salsa. Finally, the festival is complemented by cultural and sporting events. Also, the Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival, which takes place in August, and the World Salsa Festival are among the most important musical events in Cali.

The Beaches of El Rodadero (Santa Marta)

The beaches of El Rodadero are not only popular in Santa Marta, but are well-known throughout Colombia. They are famous for their white sands and the incredibly imposing mountains rising up behind them. They provide a center to beach tourism in Colombia. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Rodadero in search of the peacefulness of its waters, the hot sun and the white sand. Likewise, it is possible to practice water sports on these beaches and enjoy the Santa Marta area’s great food. And to satisfy the needs of all travelers, this area has an extensive infrastructure of first-class hotels and innovative tourist services. In fact, the beaches of Santa Marta are among the Best Tourist Places in Colombia.

The Gold Museum – Bogota

Gold Museum is in the heart of the capital city of Bogotá. It is an extraordinary Gold Museum that will surprise you with the largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold work in the world. In fact, the Banco de la República Gold Museum preserves archaeological collections that are the heritage and the pride of all Colombians. Is located on Parque de Santander, on the corner of Carrera 6 and Calle 16 in Bogotá. Of course, this incredible attraction has become one of the most popular tourist sites in Colombia with the highest number of visitors. Due to this, in 2018, National Geographic magazine highlighted it as one of the best history museums on the planet. In this way, it has gained a lot of popularity and became one of the foremost tourist magnets in Colombia.

bogota's gold museum
Bogota’s Gold Museum

This great Bogotá Gold Museum has more than 34,000 gold pieces, all of unparalleled beauty and they are all unique. Moreover, their historical importance showcases the value of various indigenous cultures such as the Muisca and the Tayrona. These people used gold in their daily life and during their sacred rituals. The most popular of the stunningly worked pieces in the museum are the iconic Quimbaya poporo and the Muisca raft that represents the ritual that gave rise to the famous legend of El Dorado. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To go through it will take you from two to four hours. Remember that all the exhibitions are in English and in Spanish.

Great Coffee destinations in Colombia; (Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda)

Discover the beauty, the flavors and the aromas of the Colombian coffee region on your next journey through Colombia. The coffee region and the coffee cultural landscape of Colombia are already part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This was declared to be so by UNESCO because of the incredible beauty of the countryside. The Coffee Region is made up of the departments of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and the northern section of Valle del Cauca. In fact, this area represents the country’s coffee tradition and it framed in a mountainous landscape that contrasts with the Spanish-influenced architecture. Moreover, it offers a unique experience to all travelers because of the steep, colorful mountains and jungle-like topography. Here is where the best postcard pictures are taken.

places to visit in colombia
Places to Visit in Colombia

Without a doubt, you should enjoy the Colombian coffee experience to the fullest while you are in this famed coffee region. In fact, you will have the opportunity to visit farms, artisan factories, and haciendas where they will teach you how the beans are grown, roasted, and prepared. What’s more, you can visit the Parque del Café, a theme park located in Quindío with attractions dedicated to this important Colombian product. Finally, you can visit the city of Pereira, affectionately known as the ‘Querendona’, ‘Trasnochadora y Morena’, the ‘City Without Doors’ and the ‘Pearl of Otún’. Come and explore the finest tourist sites of Colombia. We are sure that this will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Places to Visit in Colombia; Santa Fe de Antioquia

Santa Fe de Antioquia is a Colombian Heritage Site that jealously guards the most precious treasures of Colombia. For hundreds of years, this wonderful city has gradually accumulated and hoarded the treasures of the colonial period and of the Republican era within its walls and convents. This beautiful city is located about 2 hours from Medellin. You could travel there by private car or by public bus. One of the reasons why Colombians love this town is because of its wonderful weather. Temperatures range between 25° and 35° C.

colombia places to visit
Colombia Tourist Destinations

Santa Fe de Antioquia was founded in 1541 by Marshal Jorge Robledo, a Spanish soldier who arrived there from Popayán. At the outset of the colonial era, the Spanish tried to conquer as many towns as possible for the Spanish crown. One of the ones that they conquered was Santa Fe de Antioquia. Also, the town preserves intact many of the features of its original colonial architecture in its streets, squares, mansions and churches. The architecture is impressive, but even more impressive are the people. Nobody is a stranger here. The locals will receive you as if you were part of their family.
Explore the best of the Tourist Destinations in Colombia. We are sure that they will change the way that you travel and the way that you think about the world.

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