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Places to Visit in United States

Places to Visit in the United States; this beautiful country is better known as the country of freedom and opportunity. Furthermore, it is also one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The great variety of its tourist sites offers a multitude of options to the traveler. Millions of globetrotters cross the great oceans every day to reach the United States and to explore its natural charms and 21st century attractions. Indeed, come discover all the wonders of one of the most incredible places in the world on your next adventure.

places to visit in united states
Places to Visit in United States

Although the United States is one of the most modern countries in the world, it also still has lots of incredible natural marvels that will amaze everyone. In fact, the stunning Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and the incredible Everglades National Park are some of the most enchanting places that you’ll ever see. Therefore, this varied biodiversity makes the USA one of the top bucket list destinations on the planet. In addition, while you are in USA, you can tour the incredibly beautiful Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

If you are one of those travelers who prefer to explore modern America, there are also fascinating cities such as Las Vegas and New York. These are two of the most popular places to visit in the United States. Without a doubt, Las Vegas is the epitome of gambling and the gamblers’ spirit. The casinos never close, and there is always top flight entertainment imported from nearby Hollywood. Ever-bustling New York City functions as the capital of the world. New York is on the East Coast and it is home to the United Nations. Additionally, sunny California on the West Coast seduces with its liberalism and its sandy beaches where the surfer girls hang-out.

Glacier National Park (Montana)

Some of the best scenery that Mother Nature has ever carved into the face of the earth is found in Glacier National Park. In fact, this destination is one of the most popular tourist places in both the United States and Canada. Moreover, it is currently visited by millions of travelers every year. Undeniably, throughout Glacier National Park, green valleys carved by the great glaciers are full of foaming waterfalls tucked under the jagged peaks. All these natural wonders are easily accessible thanks to the magnificent paths and trails. The surrounding views are simply spectacular.

places to visit in united states
Best places to go in United States

Explore the most precious treasures of Glacier National Park and enjoy pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains and spectacular lakes. It is normal for travelers to lose themselves and roam free in the park with the same ease as the grizzly bears. During the summer, lovers of crystal-clear waters can cruise McDonald Lake or go rafting on the incredible Flathead River. In addition, during the winter you can go cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Finally, due to its location in the far north of the country, this could be a great place to gaze at the Northern Lights and to see the glorious Milky Way on a moonless night. And from North America you can fly south to Peru, where you can explore the best of Peru’s marvelous treasures.

Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)

Yellowstone National Park dates back to 1872. It was the first national park created in the United States and it is the oldest national park in the world. This incredible treasure is located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. In fact, here you will find a vast natural temperate forest of approximately 9,000 square kilometers which extends through the states of Wyoming (96% of the area), Montana (3%) and Idaho (1%). Yellowstone is one of the finest Places to Visit in the United States and it is famous for its exotic flora and a wide variety of wildlife such as grizzly bears, wolves, bison, moose and elk. Also, here you can see more than half of all the geothermal phenomena that occur on the planet. There are thousands of different examples, such as the more than 300 geysers which comprise about two thirds of all of the geysers in the world.

places in united states
Places to Visit in United Staes

Yellowstone National Park was created primarily to conserve and protect the landscape, cultural heritage, wildlife, and geological and ecological systems in their natural state. Basically, the national park system was created to preserve this incredible site for the benefit and the enjoyment of future generations. Yellowstone welcomes more than 3 million visitors each year from all over the world. Undoubtedly, they come here to see Old Faithful erupt, the Mammoth Hot Springs steam, and the mud baths bubble. During the summer the park radiates its beauty even more than in any other season of the year. You can also walk its wonderful trails and see bison, deer and even bear up close.

Places to go in United States, Central Park (New York)

Central Park has been the setting for numerous famous movies and TV shows which have been enjoyed all over the world. Certainly, it is one of the largest urban parks in the world and it is one of the indisputable symbols of New York City and USA. Indeed, the landscaping of Central Park is a masterpiece that almost surpasses human thought. This incredible park is located in the center of Manhattan, and it stretches from 59th to 110th Street and from 5th to 8th Avenue. It covers in an area of 340 hectares and measures more than 4 kilometers long and 800 meters wide.

places to visit in usa
Central Park New York // By TravelScape

Of course, in Central Park you can find meadows, artificial lakes, waterfalls, zoos and forests that almost look like parts of unspoiled nature. Without a doubt, Central Park is one of the best tourist spots in the United States. Incredibly, this park receives some 42 million visitors each year. It is like the beating heart of Manhattan. In addition to being a main tourist magnet in the USA, this park is the favorite place for New Yorkers to walk around, to sunbathe, and to play sports.

Just as all of the great cities of the world have their imposing landmarks as a reference, the Big Apple has leafy Central Park at its heart. Central Park has undergone numerous changes over the years to improve the atmosphere. In addition, baseball and soccer fields were added. Likewise, there are now two skating rinks, a carousel, a zoo, various gardens and memorials, and spaces where plays and concerts can be presented. What’s more, with its thousands of trees cleaning the air of Manhattan, C.P. provides great ecological and environmental benefits to the city. So today it is the world’s climate laboratory.

Millennium Park (Illinois)

Millennium Park is the tourist jewel of the city of Chicago, and it is also one of the most visited tourist places in the United States of America. This amazing park is located within Grant Park. In fact, Millennium Park has all the attributes and attractions which make it worthy of a visit on your next trip to Chicago. Due to its incredible architecture, its innovative design, and its sculptures and attractions, it has become one of the most popular tourist magnets in the city. Also, for its incredible architecture and innovative features, it has won many awards. For this and many other reasons, Millennium Park is one of the Best Places to visit in the United States.

millennium park chicago
Top places to visit in United States

According to Chicago’s residents, this park is destined to celebrate the third millennium. That is why this beautiful park is considered to be a precious jewel well worthwhile visiting for all tourists who come to Chicago. Prior to its construction, this area was occupied by vacant lots, Central Illinois rail yards, and parking areas. Currently, this area is bounded by Michigan Avenue, Randolph Street, Columbus Drive, and East Monroe Drive. The park is also characterized by the Jay Pritzker Pavilion which is a grand stage for outdoor concerts. This is where the Grant Park Music Festival is held every year. It is one of the best free festivals of its kind in the United States.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado River (Arizona)

Over millions of years, the Grand Canyon in Colorado has been sculpted by natural forces until it has become one of the most beautiful places in the world. In fact, the beauty of the Grand Canyon amazes all the adventurers who come to explore it. Surely many travelers feel humbled by the magnitude of its magnificence. Indeed, the antiquity of these colorful rock formations presents a striking contrast to our brief existence. Just as incredible as the stone formations are the turbulent waters of the Colorado River as they wind their way along the bottom of the canyon through the red desert toward the blue ocean.

Places to go in United States, The Grand Canyon Colorado

Grand Canyon National Park in USA is an unforgettable spot that Mother Nature has been diligently working on for the past 2 billion years. Over all, it is more than a kilometer deep, 9 kilometers wide, and about 630 kilometers long. Undoubtedly, it’s a treasure that you must visit at least once before you die. Perhaps you may feel insignificant while touring these incredible cliffs, but at the same time you’ll you feel like a great explorer. It will be worth the effort. Perhaps you will climb all the way down to the bottom, and even cross over the wild Colorado River.

As the explorer, John Wesley Powell, once said, “The wonders of the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately represented by symbols of language, not even by language itself.” Here the artistic hand of nature, in conjunction with the sun, water and air created an attraction that the mind finds difficult to comprehend. You can explore the incredible Colorado Canyon on foot, by bike, by river boat, or on horseback. Each experience is unique. Live it up on your next trip to the United States. Check out the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas (Nevada)

In the midst of the western desert of USA, Las Vegas beats like a gaudy heart. It is hard to imagine a city like this could have been built in such an arid place. Las Vegas is a city of neon lights built especially for entertainment and it is perfectly situated in the middle of the desert. Millions of adventurers annually pack their suitcases and come to visit so that they can walk its colorful streets and stay in the luxury hotels. Everywhere you’ll find restaurants, bars, and immense gambling halls. What’s more, overnight travelers can visit faux-Paris, the Wild West, or explore a tropical island. That is why those who have already had the opportunity to experience Las Vegas say, “All you have to do is buy a token and try your luck!”

places to visit in usa
Las Vegas // By TravelScape

Discover the main attractions that Las Vegas has to offer. Learn how to relax, eat, shop, experience the nightlife and, of course, try your luck at the gambling tables. Las Vegas is also known as the “city of sin” and some of the most daring young people take advantage of this motto and enjoy the scene to the max. It is an oasis of indulgence that seduces the whole world. Many travelers become trapped between the lavish hotels and casinos for the rest of their lives.

Due to the cacophony of music, slots and tinkling martinis, it is easy to get confused for a moment by the myriad number of things to do in Vegas. There are few places in the world where there are so many options. In Las Vegas it is normal to see mega-stars like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, and Adele present exclusive live shows in the great sun city. Tour the wonder that is Las Vegas.

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

The incredible Golden Gate Bridge is like a precious jeweled necklace hanging over the bay just north of the city of San Francisco. This tourist magnet attracts more than 10 million tourists annually. In fact, the movies Superman, X-Men, Vertigo, Godzilla and The Rise of the Planet of the Apes all have one thing in common. They all contain a scene which was filmed on this fabulous bridge. The iconic Golden Gate is located in the northern section of San Francisco Bay, and is one of the longest suspension bridges on the planet. Undeniably, it is the most representative symbol of the city of San Francisco.

golden gate bridge
Places to visit in United States

Few cities in the world possess such iconic totems as the Golden Gate Bridge. Therefore, it is almost impossible to erase this imposing bridge from the popular imagination. The Golden Gate Bridge took decades to complete. It’s construction was an uphill battle against Mother Nature and inclement weather. The project had some fierce opponents like the Southern Pacific Railroad’s ferry subsidiary, the U.S. Navy, and even truckers. But, despite this, its construction made it a reality, and today it is one of the best tourist places to visit in the United States.

Top Places to Visit in Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida)

Explore the original Disney World Theme Park and celebrate the worlds of yesterday and tomorrow, and the world of fantasy, too. With classic attractions, dazzling entertainment and magical moments, your visit here will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Walt Disney World could be the happiest place on Earth. What’s more, the visitor is the most important character in the show. Despite the attractions and the entertainment, the real magic is seeing how much children enjoy their stay at Disney. Next up, we will describe the most outstanding attractions that you will find at Disney.

walt disney world
Walt Disney World USA

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

In fact, when doing this tour you should hold on to your hat and your glasses, because you are going to get on a train that broke loose in the tunnel of oblivion. Indeed, the train races at a great speed through twisting desert canyons and into bat-filled tunnels. This activity is better known as “the wildest trip in the wilderness.”

Space Mountain

From the launch pad you can blast off into the blackest reaches of space at breathtaking speeds on a journey into the future, and then you’ll come back again. In fact, you will have the opportunity to board this spaceship and travel to distant stars. Of course, the experience is 100% guaranteed to be one of the most daring trips that you’ve ever taken.

Fantasy Faire

This incredible exhibition is highly recommended for the princesses in the family. In fact, it is better known as storybook square, and here you will have the opportunity to meet some of the Disney princesses. What’s more, you’ll be amazed at the Disney stories and at meeting the princesses in person. Sometimes these fairy tales even come true.

Jungle Cruise

If you’re one of those adventurous souls who love a good Jungle Cruise, join the merry captain and experience the fun shenanigans on this fantasy river. On the other hand, if you long to experience the real jungle, come to Peru.

It’s A Small World

This is one of the “happiest cruises that has ever set sail.” The whole family will be thrilled to enjoy classic scenes from around the globe. Along the way dolls that represent the children of each nation will serenade you with their national songs. In fact, this activity is one of the most exciting ones in the whole area since the environment and the cruise itself present you with a unique perspective and it is presented by Sylvania.

The Indiana Jones Adventure

This circuit is highly recommended for the most intrepid adventurers. Here you will have the opportunity to board an amazing army transport truck and to dive through the absolutely astounding Temple of Doom. Undeniably, this experience is going to make your heart beat about a thousand a minute. There will even be supernatural forces that give you additional jolt of adrenaline. It is just like the circuit traveled by the famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones, and includes giant jungle snakes and mummies.

The Haunted Mansion

This attraction begins with the words, “Enter, mortals, if you dare, into the Haunted Mansion.” Undoubtedly, the “Haunted Mansion” is the elegant home of 999 ghosts and goblins, all of whom are dying to meet every explorer who comes this far! Would you like to be the 1000th ghost? If you have the courage, just have to get on the Doom Buggy that will take you on a chilling journey through the “Haunted Mansion.” Most travelers who have had this experience describe it as a spiritual celebration.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

If you saw the movie, Star Wars, this experience should not be left out of your travel itinerary when you visit the United States. In fact, the power of the Force and the magic of Disney come together here to create this stellar 3D digital experience. You will have the opportunity to be launched on exciting adventures to Star Wars destinations outside of this galaxy. If you do this once, you will feel like you want to do it over and over again. Dare to explore the best Tourist Places in the United States on your next adventure in North America.

The Statue of Liberty (New York)

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the political freedom and the independence of the United States. In fact, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments in New York. Its motto is: “Liberty enlightens the world.” In reality, it is somewhat hard to see from most parts of Manhattan, although it represents New Yorkers in their entirety. The monument is located in the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey.

places to visit in united states
Places to Visit in United States

There are few humans on the planet who are not familiar with the colossal statue that represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. It is world famous, because it illuminates the freedom of the world. More than a century has passed since the debut of the Statue of Liberty on the shores of the USA. This monument is still one of the most admired for its history and for what it represents. Few tourist places on the planet can compete with New York City. Due to the variety of tourist sites it has, it attracts more than 65 million tourists a year. With its compact size and action-packed streets, New York is a globetrotter’s delight.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty is not just a matter of going, taking pictures, and returning. It is also about understanding its history and the myths of its construction. It was first conceived in 1865 by the Frenchman, Édouard de Laboulaye, as a monument to freedom. Surly, the Statue of Liberty remains a powerful symbol of America’s founding ideals today. For generations, immigrants to the United States walked past the Statue of Liberty when they arrived on American shores. Thus they knew that they had arrived in the land of freedom and opportunity.

Miami Beach (Florida)

Miami is renowned for being a place of sunny beaches and natural wonders. In fact, many of the attractions in the United States and in Florida are the destinations that are never left off the wish lists of world travelers. In Miami, the creativity of its residents reigns supreme. Everywhere this is reflected in the street art. And to all this, Latin culture adds the color, flavor and Latin rhythm. Likewise, the fantastic nightlife is another one of the attractions that this wonderful place offers to the visitor.

places in united states
Miami Beach Florida

For decades Miami was synonymous with retirees tanning along its shores. But today all that has changed, and this coastal city has reinvented itself as a tourist mecca. Indeed, at first glance one realizes that there is hardly any business, cafeteria, or restaurant that does not feature a photogenic mural designed to attract tourists. We all love incredible places, good food, unbridled nightlife, and great sunsets. Miami has all of these. Miamians are also considered proper Miamians, as distinct from regular United States citizens. Unquestionably, for these and many more reasons, Miami Beach is one of the best tourist places to visit in the United States.

The White House (Washington, D.C.)

The White House is the place where the President of the United States of America lives during his term of office. In fact, the president is the leader of the nation and the commander-in-chief of the United States military forces. As such, he receives support from the country’s vice president, his cabinet, and the military. Also, the president has the ability to veto bills passed by the US Congress if they do not meet his required guidelines.

USA tourist attractions
Places to Visit in USA

When we talk about “Washington, D.C.” the first thing that comes to mind is probably the White House. We are sure that when you see it for the first time it will take your breath away, since you will be standing in front of a building whose image you have seen hundreds of times before. In addition, the surrounding area is also very impressive. Visits to the White House are allowed. But you have to request tickets well in advance, especially if you are not a US citizen. You would have to ask the embassy of your home country for an entry coupon. If you are from the United States, you must submit your application through one of the members of Congress of your respective state. It is somewhat difficult to get tickets, as the capacity is limited and official events often take precedence over public visits.

Hollywood (Los Angeles, California)

No other city on the planet is as popular as the City of Angeles, and this is mainly due to Hollywood. In fact, Los Angeles is steeped in so much mythology precisely because of the fame that is generated by Hollywood. Splendid places like the Walk of Fame, the Capitol Records Tower, and the TCL Chinese Theater are iconic sites that can be found in this lavish neighborhood. Also, here you will discover an extraordinary nuanced and multifaceted community complete with fascinating galleries and boutiques that are super cutting edge. Dare to explore the best tourist places in the United States. Moreover, Hollywood is the ideal place for dreamers and for those who believe in fairy tales. It is here that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest and you might even see some celebrities.

unites states tourist attractions
Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles is also home to the most exclusive and trendy clubs which celebrities like to frequent. If you would like to experience the exciting emotions of Los Angeles, as well as its interesting food, you can come visit this city of dreams. Exploring Los Angeles is like enjoying momentary fame as you stroll through its incredible streets bathed in semi-tropical green vegetation. Finally you will be able to explore the incredible living museum which is the film industry.

Great Places to Visit in United States, Hawaii

Hawaii is a hidden treasure in the midst of the great Pacific Ocean. Since our childhood we have somehow heard about Hawaii. It is a legendary spot which inspires the dreamiest longing. Almost everyone wants to visit Hawaii once in his or her life. In fact, this earthly paradise has become one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. Besides the sandy beaches, there are impressive mountains, imposing volcanoes, majestic caves and tropical valleys which serve as an invitation to all globetrotters. Of course, the ancient Hawaiians once resided in the many valleys of this incredible island archipelago. Later day inhabitants of these islands prospered due to hard work, fertile land, and the rich resources of the sea.

places to visit in united states
Places to Visit in United States

We invite you to explore the lovely attractions of the Hawaiian Islands and to experience the thrills, beauty, culture, history and great weather. You can also enjoy the dreamy beaches, the coral reefs, and the great waves which attract surfers from the world over. And finally, don’t miss out on the exotic cuisine and the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that are cause for celebration. Undeniably, you’ll be able to enjoy year-round parades, street parties, craft sales, concerts, and family activities that honor all aspects of Hawaiian culture.

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park (Utah)

This is a unique icon that attracts visionaries from every corner of the world with its priceless natural beauty. This jewel of nature is located within the Arches National Park. Indeed, it is one of those destinations that has become symbolic of the United States. The best time to visit is in the early morning or in the late afternoon, times which offer a golden moment for photography lovers. Over the years it had various names from the colorful (“Cowboy’s Chaps,” “Old Maid’s Bloomers”) to the prosaic (“Salt Wash Arch”). Explore this incredible place which will surprise your eyes and wake up your senses.

Yosemite National Park

This majestic site is not just a great valley, but a sanctuary for humanity. It has the strength of granite, the power of glaciers, the persistence of life, and the tranquility of the high mountains. With its hanging valleys, countless waterfalls, pristine lakes, polished domes and moraines, Yosemite National Park is situated in California north of San Francisco. The altitude of Yosemite Park ranges between 600 and 4,000 meters above sea level, and thanks to this privileged location it is the perfect home for many native species. Significantly, Yosemite Park is famous for its impressive waterfalls, for its fabulous scenery, and for the wildlife that lives in the park.

yosemite national park
Yosemite National Park

At least 4 million globetrotters annually make a pilgrimage to this natural treasure that everyone should visit at least once before dying. We invite you to explore the best places to visit in the United States such as Yosemite Park.

USS Alabama (Alabama)

Few cities in the world have a tourist attraction of this nature, but not too far from Mobile, Alabama, you will find one of the finest military monuments in the world. The battleship, USS Alabama, is a giant of more than 210 meters, and it is famous for escaping unscathed from nine major battles during World War II. She was christened by her sailors as the “Lucky A” because she never lost any of her sailors while sailing the world’s oceans. Due to this ship’s history, size, and marvelous engineering, it has become a symbol of tourism on Gulf Coast of the USA.

But in Alabama not everything revolves around the USS Alabama. Alabama also has its own proper history. In addition, you’ll discover immense farmsteads, gothic constructions, and scenic landscapes. History suffuses Alabama. This description might be true for many places, but there are few places where the perception of history is so emotionally charged. Some small towns became great riverside cities, and one of these is Montgomery, Alabama, which became synonymous with the American civil rights movement during the 1960’s. Come and explore the art, food, culture, and history of the Great State of Alabama on your next vacation in the United States.

Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River

Multonomah Falls on the Columbia River could be called one of the most beautiful and romantic waterfalls in the world. The setting is absolutely unique. For one thing, the geography of the Columbia River creates imposing canyons along its course, and it is this same geography that lends its spirit to Multonomah Falls. In the same manner, the surrounding countryside is green and covered with a carpet of flowers. It is truly a gorgeous site.

united states tourist attrations
United states tourist attractions

Multnomah Falls is a 620-foot waterfall and it is one of the finest tourist spots in the state of Oregon. Because of its extraordinary beauty, it attracts more than 2 million visitors per year, and every year the number of visitors increases. Along the road that follows the river there are many other waterfalls, but the culmination of the journey is Multnomah. There is no place on the planet that compares to this iconic site on the Columbia River. Therefore, if there is someone who makes your heart beat a little faster, then go ahead and invite that special person to explore this beautiful place with you.

Antelope Canyon

For natural beauty unlike any other on the planet, check out Antelope Canyon. The scenery is such that it captivates the imagination of every traveler who comes to visit. The canyon is located on the Navajo reservation on the high plateau of the American southwest in northern Arizona. These lands are owned by the Navajo Nation – specifically by the Bengay Family, who are longstanding members of the Navajo community. Over millions of years, wind and water have carved the local sandstone into a staggeringly sensual temple of nature. As a result, along a quarter mile of riverbed, there exists a cornucopia of shapes and textures that are every photographer’s dream.

united states tourist places
United states tourist places

Apart from the marvelous formations, another of the amazing attribute of the canyon is the lighting. Surprisingly, in the mornings, at noon and at sunset, the amazing play of light enables the photographer to snap photos that will become treasured keepsakes. Of course, it must be remembered that the absolutely best lighting occurs in mid-morning. The time of year that attracts the most visitors is from April to September. The other months attract smaller crowds and therefore the experience is more intimate. Start planning your trip to the world famous Antelope Canyon now. You’ll be able to find exciting tours and to journey some amazing itineraries. Be an explorer of the best tourist places in the United States.

Best Places to Visit in United Satates; Niagara Falls

One of the most beautiful tourist spots in the United States is undoubtedly the incredible Niagara Falls which is located on the natural border with Canada. Niagara Falls is not one, but three gigantic sets of waterfalls: the American side, the Bridal Veil, and the Horseshoe on the Canadian side. In fact, these three imposing freshwater falls compose one of the most powerful scenic spectacles that can be found either in the U.S. or in Canada. Likewise, these falls are famous worldwide thanks to the movies, since some of the most famous movies of all time were filmed with this incredible waterfall as the backdrop.

niagara falls usa
Niagara Falls USA

Many adventurers have indicated that the North American side is ideal for hiking trails and for seeing nature, and that the Canadian side is more sophisticated with incredible hotels and casinos overlooking the falls. Although it is true that the Canadian side has a theme park, its views are more spectacular and most adventurers choose to visit this wonder from the Canadian side. In fact, the thunderous sounds of this waterfall attract people like a magnet. Each visitor is sure to experience the power, the magnetism, and the beauty of Niagara Falls in a very personal manner, and to form memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. This is one of the best places to visit in the United States.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a very dry valley in eastern California. In fact, we would like to welcome you to Death Valley, a place that experts say is among the hottest spots on our planet. What’s more, in recent years, all high temperature records here have been shattered. Indeed, this is an inhospitable place with unique geography. It is part of the Mojave Desert. One of the notable dates in this valley was June 30, 2013, when the thermometer marked the highest temperature ever recorded: 53.8 °C. But the record stood for only 7 years, as on August 16, 2020, it reached a maximum of 54.4 °C.

death valley national park
Death Valley National Park

Although there is danger ever present in Death Valley, people do come visit this incredible place. Every year sees more than a million travelers passing through. Because of its beautiful scenery, Death Valley has been under government protection since 1994.

This basin is the lowest point in all of North America, as it sits at elevation of 85 meters below sea level. Constant drought and record summer heat make Death Valley a land of extremes. Yet each extreme has a striking contrast. Therefore, if you venture to Death Valley, we are sure that you will have one of the hottest experiences of your life. If you are one of those intrepid travelers who like a challenge, come and explore the valley of death.

Silverwood Theme Park (Idaho)

Silverwood Theme Park is an amusement park located in the town of Athol in northern Idaho. In fact, it is quite close to the city of Coeur d’Alene, Washington. It is owned by Gary Norton, who opened this incredible theme park on June 20, 1988. Although it has lost some of its originality over the years, it has incorporated many new attractions that are super interesting for adrenaline lovers. And thanks to its exponential growth both in size and in popularity, it has become a world famous theme park offering different rides and activities for all kinds of travelers.

Hershey Park, Pennsylvania

Hershey Park has something for everyone. Each experience is unique. So go ahead and explore its more than 70 attractions, including 15 roller coasters, a Hershey character water park, and much more! In fact, Hersey Park officially opened its doors on Memorial Day, May 30, 1906. During the opening celebrations a baseball game was played in which the Hershey team lost 13-1 to the Crescent Club of Harrisburg.

hershey park pennsylvania
Hershey Park Pennsylvania

The best features of the park are its themed attractions and the most popular ones are its incredible roller coasters. In fact, the first roller coaster was added in 1923 for the park’s 20th anniversary. It is called The Wild Cat. This is one of the parks that has the greatest number of roller coasters. Some are made of wood and some are made of steel. One of the most requested is the Sooper Dooper Looper. That is due to its incredible size and speed.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Virginia)

Busch Gardens is considered to be one of the most beautiful and spectacular amusement parks in the world. In fact, it is decorated in the European style and it has the most exciting attractions. It is located in one of the most incredible vacation areas in the United States. This area is also known for its great cultural and historical wealth. What’s more, during the summertime travelers can also enjoy the amazing local street festivals.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Top places to go in United States

Close to Busch Gardens you will be able to explore impressive art galleries and museums with American history themes. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to explore the nearby cities such as Norfolk, Richmond, and the famous beaches of Virginia Beach. The Southern food is another one of the highlights. Therefore, come and explore one the best of the tourist places in the United States.

Places to Visit in United States, Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is home to 2,697 animals from more than 215 species from around the globe. In fact, it’s the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi and it is located just minutes from downtown Portland. In addition, the zoo has recently been renovated in order to better take care of the animals and to offer a superior presentation to visitors. Currently one of the best attractions are the polar bear pools, with panoramic views and a smell port. In fact, this Polar Passage offers visitors an exciting new perspective on polar bear behavior and as well as supporting scientific research. Do not forget to make the reservations and purchase your entrance tickets well in advance.

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha, Nebraska

As the saying goes, from Omaha to the World. Without a doubt, this zoo is ranked as one of the best zoos in the United States and it attracts millions of travelers every year. With an area of 130 hectares, the Henry Doorly Zoo has been a zoo dedicated to positive interaction between nature and man since it was created in 1894. Indeed, it is a special place that was created in order to preserve and conserve species, especially endangered species. Thanks to hard work and good management, it has become one of the best tourist places to visit in the United States.

henry doorly zoo and aquarium
Places to go in United States

During your visit to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, you will be able to enjoy an amazing aquarium that exhibits lots of different species animals from the seven seas of the world. Also, you will find animals that live in the desert, on the African savannah, in the tropical jungle, and even on the frigid poles of the planet. This is an incredible place that has the different ecosystems of the planet represented on a realistic scale. The Henry Doorly is the largest zoo in the world and it has something to please everyone.

Baltimore National Aquarium

The Baltimore National Aquarium is situated in heart of the vibrant harbor of this city. It houses thousands of animals and sea creatures in elegantly created habitats which are ideal for display. In fact, here you can experience every watery habitat from the depths of the ocean and to the fresh waters of the rivers and lagoons of the jungle. This is magical place! You will be able to appreciate the Indo-Pacific reef and also explore the colorful sights and sounds of a tropical rain forest. Throughout the year, the exhibits change with the seasons.

top places in united states
Top Places in United States

The aquarium is located at 591 East Pratt Street in Baltimore, Maryland. The aquarium has over 17,000 residents belonging to more than 750 species, including fish, sharks, dolphins, manta rays, coral reefs, and jellyfish. The National Aquarium of Baltimore receives more than one and a half million tourists each year. This aquatic paradise has been called one of the Best Tourist Attractions in the United States.

Dover International Speedway (Delaware)

The quaint villages of Delaware are home to the Dover International Speedway, a motorsports destination that has hosted Monster Energy’s NASCAR Cup Series races every year since 1969. Without a doubt, this is world’s fastest concrete oval and it has an international reputation for being tough on both the drivers and the team. And this has earned it the nickname of The Monster Milla.

dover international speedway
Dover International Speedway

Although Dover International Speedway is a popular tourist attraction due to its special events and nearby camping facilities, much of its appeal is due to the Monster Mile. Dover International Speedway is often referred to as the Monster Mile because of its intense and unique concrete race track which replaced the original asphalt surface in 1995. What’s more, it has a huge and famous mascot called Miles the Monster. He is a humongous monument that is more than 14 meters high and weighs more than 18,000 kilograms. This iconic monument is intended to pay tribute to all the drivers who have established themselves at Delaware’s Dover International Speedway.

Once you’ve experienced all the adrenaline rushing through your veins during a Nascar race at Dover, be sure to continue exploring the other hidden treasures of Kent County. You will be able to visit a myriad of exciting attractions, shop at immense malls, visit historical sites, and partake in exciting outdoor activities. Surly, there are tourist activities for all tastes since the Dover International is one of the best tourist places in the United States.

Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)

The United States is a wonderful tourist destination where you are sure encounter exciting adventures. There are all sorts of incredible destinations. Long before tourism reached these incredible sites, there were trails traveled only by horse-drawn carts that carried the original European settlers. Today, millions of globetrotters traverse these beautiful prairies to marvel at one of the most famous tourist spots in the United States Mt Rushmore. At present, the winding and dusty roads have been replaced by well paved interstate highways.

places to visit in united states
Places to visit in united states

Every explorer who visits Mount Rushmore will see the carved profiles of former US presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt which seem to emerge from the mountain. There is a reason why travelers like to stay overnight in the South Dakota Mountains and emerge at dawn to look up and see the faces. Actually, there is a street called the Av. de las Banderas where travelers are welcomed and there are flags representing each of the 50 states of the United States. Work on Mt. Rushmore began in 1927 and finished in 1941, when the four impressive faces of the former presidents of the United States were revealed.

Places to Visit in USA; The Gateway Arch (Missouri)

The Gateway Arch, or the Gate to the West, is the most important feature of the Jefferson National Expansion Monument in St. Louis, Missouri. It was built as a memorial to the westward expansion of the United States. It has a maximum height of 200 meters, making it the tallest man-made monument in the United States. It is the tallest accessible building in the state of Missouri and it is also the largest architectural structure in the form of a flattened catenary arch in the world. In fact, over the years it has become one of the top tourist spots in the United States.

Top Places to Visit in United Satates; Taos, New Mexico

Long one of America’s foremost, bona fide Art Colonies, Taos is also home to a world-class ski resort (Taos Ski Valley), a World Heritage Site (Taos Pueblo), one of the most photographed and iconic churches (St. Francisco de Asis), and a majestic landscape encompassing the Rocky Mountains and the Rio Grande Gorge and its eponymous bridge. Undeniably, drawn by clean air and mythical light, visitors come to New Mexico’s Soul of the Southwest to experience rich spiritual traditions, fine art, distinctive cuisine, a thriving music scene and of course, the raw, natural beauty of the landscape. Discover your place faraway from the everyday in Taos, New Mexico.

places to explore in united states
Taos New Mexico

Taos is a town in Taos County in the north-central region of New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Initially founded in 1615, it was intermittently occupied until its formal establishment in 1795 by Nuevo México Governor to act as fortified plaza and trading outpost for the neighboring Native American Taos Pueblo (the town’s namesake) and Hispano communities, including Ranchos de Taos, Cañon, Taos Canyon, Ranchitos, El Prado, and Arroyo Seco. The town was incorporated in 1934. The English name Taos derives from the native Taos language meaning “(place of) red willows”. Back a couple centuries, Taos was the meeting place for trappers from all parts of the Rocky Mountains. Their yearly gathering was called the Taos Rendezvous. This is a very beautiful place which still maintains the Spirit of the Old West!

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